Why Diwali  festival is celebrated in Light

Why Diwali  festival is celebrated in Light
Happy & Safe Diwali to all

Why Diwali  festival is celebrated in Light.What are the rituals for celebrating Diwali.

Deep donation has a special significance in the Kartik month. Its highlighted in Deepawali.

Vedic Reason for celebrate Diwali Festival

The Diwali Festival is also celebrated to honor Lord Rama Chandra . ShriPushkar Puran describe the celebration and benefits of Diwali

तुलायां तिलतैलेन सायंकाले समागते।


आकाशदीपं यो दद्यान्मासमेकं हरिं प्रति।


महतीं श्रियमाप्नोति रूपसौभाग्यसम्पदम्।।

Mahatin Shreemaponoti Rupasabhya Bhagyasampadam .

 ‘The person who lit the lamp of sesame oil in the name of Lord Shri Hari during the evening in Kartik month, he attains Atul Lakshmi, good fortune and property.’


 According to Lord Nirad ji, celebration of Deepawali should be celebrated for these five days – Dvadashi, Triodashi, Chaturdashi, Amavasya and Pratipada. They also have different types of worship every day.


Kartika month is called ‘Goustavdwadashi’. On this day the milking cow should wear a bath with his calf, wear a bouquet, embroider the horn, make a tilak of sandalwood, and make a mixture of aroma, acacia, floral, sesame and water in the vessel of copper.

The cow is worshiped on the below mantra after bath.

क्षीरोदार्णवसम्भूते सुरासुरनमस्कृते।

सर्वदेवमये मातर्गृहाणार्घ्यं नमो नमः।।

Kshirod Naranavasabhte Surasuranamaskrite

Sarvadevamaya Matargahnaghyam Namo Namah ..


  At the time of ocean-churning, Goddess of the Kshirsagar and the mammals, all saintly mother-mothers! You have got a lot of salutation again and again. Accept this arghya given by me. ‘



     After worship, cow should pray this by feeding big on urad:

सुरभि त्वं जगन्मातर्देवी विष्णुपदे स्थिता।


सर्वदेवमये ग्रासं मया दत्तमिमं ग्रस।।


ततः सर्वमये देवि सर्वदेवैरलङ्कृते।


मातर्ममाभिलाषितं सफलं कुरु नन्दिनी।।

Surabhi Kumbh Jagannatdevi Vishnupde Statta.


Sarvadevamaya grasan mata dattamiman gras ..


Thereby, Goddess Sarva Vaishnavalkarak


Mantambabilitan Safal Kuru Nandini ..


‘Jagadamba! O God of Heaven! This is omnipotent! Eat this food offered to me. O Mother of all Gods! Nandini! Complete my aspiration. ‘


 After this, in the night festivals, Brahmin, cow and the elderly of your house should take the aarti.

On the second day Karthik Krishna Triodashi is called Dhanteras. On this day, Lord Dhanvantari had initiated Ayurveda for the treatment of sad people.

On this day, during the evening, in the house, with a lamp burning in the hand, it should be illuminated with this mantra for the happiness of Lord Yamraj:

मृत्युना पाशदण्डाभ्यां कालेन श्यामया सह।


त्रयोदश्यां दीपदानात् सूर्यजः प्रीयतां मम।।


Death Lash-wrecked Karen Shyamaya Co


Triadshya Dedanatanat Suryaj: Priyaanam Mum ..


  ‘Be happy with God God Yama, Goddess Shyamasam, the goddess of death and time of death and death, from this lamp of Triodshi’.


Kartik Krishna Chaturdashi is called holy chaturdashi. On this day charity lamp donates fear of hell.

This mantra should be pronounced by lighting a lamp with four faces (four flames):

दत्तो दीपश्चतुर्दश्यां नरकप्रीतये मया।


चतुर्वर्तिसमायुक्तः सर्वपापापनुत्तये।।

Dato Dipasturdasiya Narkapritiaya Maya


Chattarwarti Samasamati: Sarvapapaapanutaya ..


 ‘On today Chaturdasi, I offer 4 candles lamps for the pleasure of the arrogant god of hell and for the destruction of all sins.’

Diwali Festival celebrate time

 The festival of Deepawali is celebrated on the next day Kartik Amavasya. After getting up early this morning, after chanting and singing loudly, there is a special advantage over other days. Should be decorated the house cleaned on this day, the idol or image of Bhagwati Lakshmi should be established along with Lord Narayana.

Thereafter, they should worship the Vedic mantras (or by arbitrations with devotion), by offering sun-lamp and Swastivavachan. 

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