Gajapati Mahararaja

About Us:

This blog is dedicated to society for knowing about the Indian Vedic culture and its benefits in day to day life.

In this blog we are regularly use to write Vedic principles,Astology,Vastu and other topic related to Vedic culture.We also write our research posts about Jagannath culture ,Veda,Purans and Sastras etc.

About me:

I am Pandit Rashmi Ranjan Ratha belongs from village Tiruna of Jagatsinghpur district which is enriched with glorious cultural heritage. I am working as a Jagannath Dharma Pracharak  by "Shree JagannathTemple administration of Puri" and also the founder of Odisha Vedic Brahmin association. I discovered and researched various Veda Sastras,Purans ,Upanishads,Astrology,Vastu etc.

Aims & objectives:

1.To develop cultural thoughts,idea & conception on Veda,Vendanta & Purohit Karmakanda etc.and also popularize Indian Vedic Culture in worldwide.

2.To organized Jagannath Pancharatra programs and popularize Jagannath culture in worldwide.

3.To create study atmosphere on Veda,Vendanta and Purohit Karmakanda for Brahmins.

4.To collect & preserve old Palm leave (Pothi) ,Veda Sastras,Purans ,Upanishads etc. for research and development.

5.To arrange discussion on different religion by great religious personel to create brotherhood relationship between differenet religious and matain peace and harmony amoong the different religion.