5 ways to reduce bad effects of Lord Saturn

5 ways to reduce bad effects of Lord Saturn

Do you know the 5 ways to reduce the Bad effects of Lord Saturn and we are providing the best remedies of lord Saturn as per Indian Veda and Sastras.

Lord Saturn well known as Shani graha and he is the slowest planet the solar system. Saturn taken 30year to cover one cycle in Zodiac system (12 rasi X2.5year=30 year).Saturn is known as lord justice.

The relationship of lord Saturn with other planets are Mercury and Venus is friend and Jupiter is neutral. In other hand Sun, Moon, Mars are enemies of Saturn. The lord of West direction is Saturn .Gray, Navy blue and blackish is the lucky colour of Lord Saturn.


Bad Effects of Saturn:

  • One can face trouble in his career and lost his job or profession if Saturn is malefic.


  • Asset lost, theft, robbery and fire problem if Saturn is Malefic.


  • Problem in Joints, neck, teeth, bones and Stomach etc.


  • Marriage will delay.

5 ways to reduce bad effects of Lord Saturn

  1. Chanting Mantras:

To chant (9,27,108 times) one of the following mantra’s on morning or evening or both time to reduce the bad effects of Lord Satrun.

(a) Mahamrutyunjaya Mantra

(b) Shani Gayatri

(c) Shani Beej Mantra

(d)Hanuman Chalisa

  1. Offering food:

Feed to the Cows, Crows and black dogs as per your convenient to reduce the bad effects. Offering milk to the roots of a Banyan tree will give positive result.

  1. Restriction in daily life:

Stop the alcohol consume and non-vegetarian foods. Do not misbehave or cheat the poor peoples.

4. Donate to Poor

Donate iron materials, mustard oil, rice, black dal (Urada) ,coconut ,clothes to poor people’s for a good result in education, job ,health and business.

  1. Respect to other:

To give respect to elder persons and stay in a joint family will help to reduce the bad effects of Lord Saturn.



We are advice the persons those are suffering in bad effects of Lord Saturn need to be follow our above said remedies. After follow the remedies 48 days you must feel the positive effects. We advice not to fear the Lord Saturn as he was known as the Lord of Justice and provide lots of beneficial result to human beings in his transit period. On the next topic we will discuss about the Shani 7 ½ and Sani 2 ½ effects and remedies.




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