5 Reasons of planting a Tulasi plant in home

5 Reasons of planting a Tulasi plant in home

Why people plant Tualsi in home? What is the benefit of Tualsi plant. To known the 5 reasons of planting a Tulasi plant in home.

1.Tulasi Plant as per Hindu religion.

Tulsi or Basil is a scared plant of Hindu and it is the symbol of Lord Krishna. There are two types of Tulasi plant seen in India are white Tulasi (Rama Tulasi) and black Tulasi (Shyama Tulsi).There are so many myths ,epics and Jagannath culture said the importance of Tulasi plant .Indian’s are planted Tulasi in their house and worship it for health and wealth. Tulasi is favorite plant of lord Vishnu ,Goddess Laxmi and Lord Jagannath. A Hindu family is considered as incomplete if a Tulasi plant is not in their courtyard. Manas Mandir at Varanasi and Vaishnavites (Krishna consciousness) worshiped Tulasi .

2.Astrological benefit of Tulasi Plant

The people those are suffering in marriage problem will removing their obstacles of delay marriage through Tulasi Vivah. According to Hinduism Tulasi Vivah is called the marriage ceremony of Lord Krishna and Goddess Laxmi. Planting Tulasi in-front of house block the negative energy to enter in the house and spread the positive energy in the surroundings.

3.Vastu benefits of Tulasi Plant

According to Vastu it is ideal to plant a Tulasi in the eastern side of the house and if it is not possible to plant in eastern side then you will plant it in nort-east. North direction of your house to get the beneficial result of Tulasi. As per Vastu the foundation of Tulasi plant must be higher than the floor and the plant area must be neat and clean. It is removing the negative energy in home.

4.Scientific Benefit of Tulasi Plant

Tulasi leafs has anti -biotic and anti oxidant elements. It gives relief from cold,fever,flu and strengthens immune system of human beings. It reduce cholesterol and blood glucose level .Green Tulasi leafs are useful for children. It manages and controls bacterial and viral activities in body.

5.Ayurveda Benefit of Tulasi Plant

As per Ayurveda Tulasi sharpens the memory and enhance the positive energy in the body. It is working as natural air purifier. Tulasi juice is beneficial in the treatment of ringworm and other skin disease and also used as skin ointments and herbal cosmetics. According to Dr.Aushutosh Goutam clinical manager at Baidyanath said that Tulasi is helpful to fight against allergies and infections.

Our suggestion for planting a Tulasi plant in home:

Each house hold need to be plant a Tulasi in their house at East ,North-east or North side direction to get positive energy for health and wealth . It is gifted by God to us to purify the air naturally and it block the entering of negative cosmic energy in house.

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