5 Characteristic of Taurus Horoscope

Do you known about the top 5 characteristic of Taurus Horoscope .

Taurus/Brusha rasi is the 2nd   Zodiac sign in the rasi chakra which is positioned on 31°- 60° in Zodiac system out of 360°.

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus and Earth  is the element.

  1. Characteristic of Taurus Horoscope  

Taurus rasi persons are very strong in both physically and emotionally.

The Bull is the symbol of this rasi which indicates the strong power.

The characteristics are found in Taurus are   loyal, reliable, dependable, aggressive in nature, sensitivity and moody.

They are loyal and will stand behind a friend until the bitter end. They are makes good friends .

  1. Career of Taurus

Taurus rasi peoples can built their career in business, import & export, dairy farm, Social work like NGO etc.

  1. Taurus Marriage life

 Best match for Taurus is Leo and worst match is Sagittarius. Vigro, Libra, Scorpio and Leo rasi is most compatible with Taurus.

Due to aggressive nature their marriage life is not running happily in first half of life but it is changed after some years.

  1. Taurus Health

 Taurus is ruled over neck of the body which includes throat and voice.

These rasi peoples faced health related problem in throat, neck.

  1. Lucky things for Taurus

  • Lucky Day is Friday
  • Lucky planet is Venus
  • Lucky stone is Emerald
  • Lucky number is 1& 9
  • Lucky place for success is quite place
  • Lucky colour is blue & Violate


Our feedback about Taurus Horoscope

Taurus rasi persons are very strong persons. So they are needed to be work constantly in a particular field for quick success and also need to control over his aggressive nature for success.  They have the power to write their own luck in his hand.


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