5 Characteristic of Aries or Mesha Rasi

5 Characteristic of Aries or Mesha Rasi

I will explain the 5 characteristic of Aries or Mesha which are mostly found in Mesha Rasi peoples.

 Aries or Mesha is the 1st Zodiac sign in the rasi chakra which is positioned on 0-30° in Zodaic system out of 360°. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars and fire is the element.These are the 5 Characteristic of Aries or Mesha Rasi.

1. Characteristic of Aries / Mesha Rasi

The Aries/Mesha rasi persons characteristic are energetic,cheerful, adventurous and egoistic in nature. They are able to convince and lead the people effortlessly.

They are very friendly and travel to different places. They are the man who talking and introducing themselves in a room full of people.

They are forgive the people those are accepted their guilty. The weakness of this Mesha/Aries are short tempered,impulsive ,Audacity and aggressive in nature. They are very strong minded and also known as restless worker.

2. Career/Job of Aries

They are mainly working in administrative position like Police,Army, Govt. senior officer or higher position in corporate etc. In modern time they will choose the career in the field of Public speaking,Political leader,Contractor etc.


In love matter they are not wait but express his/her feeling without giving this a considerable thought.

Most of time they were failure in love affairs due to his short temper nature. Best match for Aries is LEO and friendly with the signs like Leo,Sagittarious,Gemini and Aquarius.

Worst match for Aries is cancer. Most of cases it is found that marriage took place at the age of 32 or above.


The health condition of Aries is not bad. They were always ready to challenge the obstacle in their way and not stay ill for a long period.

They were faced some time Fever,headaches,neck pain etc. They are tried less workers which gives them stamina to fight them the diseases.

5 Lucky things of Aries

  • Lucky day is Tuesday

  • Lucky color is Red

  • Lucky number is 6 & 7

  • Lucky stone is Coral

  • Lucky place for success is big city and town

It is the first sign of the Zodiac being consider themselves as First.

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