5 best Vastu remedies for rented house

5 best Vastu remedies for rented house
5 best Vastu remedies for rented house

 Vastu remedies for rented house to staying in city and metros. Our 5 vedic suggestion will improve the life condition in rented houses. 

  1. Bedroom: Before selecting a rented house it is important to check the bedroom direction. West and south direction is best for the bedroom. South –west, south –east is good for bedroom. Need to avoid other side room as master bedroom.
  2. Cleanliness : Before entering to a rented house we are advancing to follow tips to remove the negative energy in the house.
  • Clean the house with salt water (mix some salt in water and wash the room) or mix some turmeric  powder in water and wash the room. You will continue this process on every month to getting more beneficial result.
  • Always clean the eastern part of house and not storage any dirty things in eastern part of house.
  • Bed need to be placed minimum 3 to 5 inch. Distance from the wall and avoiding box beds.


  1. Vedic Symbol: Vedic symbols are working as wireless antenna to prevent entering of negative energy in house and spread positive energy in surrounding. You can use the one of the following symbols in the main entrance to get positive energy. Symbols need to be made in metals for getting more beneficial result.

(a)Swastika Symbol

(b)OMM Sysmbol

(c)Trisual Symbol

  1. Planting a Tulasi Plant: Planting a Tulasi plant in Balcony or in front of main door of house to get positive result. To known more about it click here.
  2. Restricted things:

(a) Do not plant thorny plants in balcony or in -front of house.

(b)Do not hanging death persons photo in Puja room.

(c) Do not hanging furious pictures in bedroom or drawing room.   



 Conclusion :

The above five Vastu remedies for rented house will improve your life style and resolve a lots of Vastu problems in minimum cost. If the problem is not solved then write your problem to us on comment box. 


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